08 octobre 2009


Bonjour a tous,

I hope it is not going to be too difficult for you to go through my blog. I tried the best I could to have everything written in English and in French, but there are few things that I could not change.

Here is a quick little help :

- Every posts are written in English and in French.
- The date of the post is written in French and I don't know how to change it, but it is very similar to English. So you should be all set.

- At the end of a post, the link Commentaires  means Observations. When you click on "Commentaires",  text boxes appear in front of you.  Here are a few necessary translations :

  • Nom ou pseudo = Name
  • adresse email = email adress
  • Titre du commentaire = Observation title
  • Envoyer = Send

Thank you very much for writing anything you want that can bring me inspiration. I love your observations.

- On the left bloc, every thing is written in the 2 languages.

- On the right bloc,

  • Contactez l'auteur = Contact the author
  • Derniers commentaires = Last Observations
  • Derniers messages = Last posts

If you need more explanations, write something in the "Commentaires" just below. I need your help to improve my blog.

Later on, I plan to make a bilingual website.

Salut a tous !!!!


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