01 novembre 2009


Salut a tous,

It finally happened, Ioan turned 40.... and my good friend Marie too. So, we threw them a party they will never forget !!
We had a lot of fun and we danced !!! Yeepee.
My  favorite music of the party was
"Mas que Nada", Zumbaaaahh!!!! You can find it here, Youtube.

Here are the pictures  of the invitation and thank you cards that I created for Ioan and Marie.


Commentaires sur 40's BIRTHDAY PARTY

  • Quelle soiree memorable et reussie ! c'etait tres tres tres sympa et tellement chaleureux ! merci encore pour toute cette organisation, vivement mes 50 ans !

    Posté par Marie, 09 novembre 2009 à 02:45 | | Répondre
  • Marion's style

    I just 30 minutes ago said goodbye to Marion and her son after enjoying a lunch together at my house. Something that people reading this blog are unfortunately not able to see in the photos that she has posted is her personal style. Marion is by far my most artistic creative friend and I wish that I could bottle her sense of style. She always is able to put clothing pieces together and accesories that I would never think of looking good and somehow it works amazingly. The most frustrating thing of it is that she does it almost without considering, just a pin here or a scarf tied differently there, so that when I finally think I have something to copy from her she walks in with some other cool look that will take me weeks of looking to try to duplicate! I think next she will have to launch a fashion line.

    Posté par Christine, 16 novembre 2009 à 20:27 | | Répondre
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