22 septembre 2009


Salut a tous, My adventures with my bed side table, 50's style, are reaching their 2nd step.STEP 2 : PREPARATIONThe tables are made of wood, but the top is laminate. It is also important to remind you that they are in very good shape. I sanded them, specially the top, to get rid of the shine and help the paint stick to it. Then, I painted the box of the table with a primer/Gripper. I stained the feet with water based stain, easier to manipulate than oil based.See image below.Finally, I painted the box of the table with a flat pale... [Lire la suite]

12 septembre 2009


Salut a tous, This is a Heart made of Paper Mache that I painted in January 2009 for my good friend Marie.Let me share with you my reasons for making it. It was the month of January, and the mood was bad. In the US, the economic news was awful and my husband's company had just announced lay offs. We were worried and to make things worse, the Winter was cold and snowy. As we say in French, " My mood was in my socks"!!! I talked to my good friend Marie to vent a little bit. To bring me some comfort, she emailed me a... [Lire la suite]
12 septembre 2009


Hello my friends, Voici un coeur que j'ai realise en Janvier 2009, pour ma tres bonne amie Marie. Comme j'aime bien raconter ma vie, je vais ecrire pourquoi j'ai peint ce coeur en papier mache.C'etait le mois de Janvier 2009, et je vous rappelle que l'ambiance n'etait pas au beau fixe, en tout cas aux US. On se faisait serieusement du soucis et une vague de licenciement avait ete annoncee dans l'entreprise de mon mari. Comme on dit en francais : J'avais le moral dans les chaussettes, et en plus il faisait froid, tres tres froid,... [Lire la suite]